In 2015, the C2C (corner-to-corner) crochet technique took the digital world by storm. My first graphghan project was the Whovian Blanket, but my second graphghan (the Harry Potter Blanket) drew an amazing number of fans to the stitch.

The Yarn Geekery group on Facebook (then called Two Hearts Crochet CALs) became a space for sharing graphs for C2C and other graphghan-inspired crochet techniques. Hundreds of group members uploaded their fan-made designs to share with our fellow crafters.

It was the Yarn Geek’s paradise.

In time, the number of graphs shared became difficult to find in the Facebook group. I moved everything to a new group Google Drive to better organize them. Unfortunately, for reasons still unknown, the Google Drive did not grant everyone equal access. After months of no assistance or clarification from Google, I’ve decided that it’s time for a different way to organize these files.

Welcome to the Geek Collective.

Over the next several weeks, I will be migrating everything from the Yarn Geekery group’s Google Drive to this site. This will allow for easier content management, greater organization, and, most importantly, a trouble-free way to access the crafty goodness.

Managing these files is fairly time-consuming. As such, the new Geek Collective will charge a very small monthly membership fee of $1. It isn’t much, but it will allow me to maintain the files housed in the Geek Collective and ensure easy access to everyone who choose to join. (P.S. – I’m looking into a way to waive monthly membership fees for anyone who wants to share their files! Stay tuned!)

If you’re interested, please join my email waitlist. As soon as the Geek Collective is live, you’ll be the first to know!