The Firefly Graphghan

take my love take my land take me where I cannot stand I don’t care I’m still free you can’t take the sky from me

– The Ballad of Serenity –

Attention all browncoats! You may have heard that we’l be hosting a Firefly CAL right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog, and you’d be right!

UPDATE: Due to restrictions on my time, I have regretfully decided not to provide written row-by-row instructions for this CAL. For more details, please read this post.

We had a vote on the squares that will include written instructions, but I ended up making all of the ones that didn’t fall into that top 12 group, too. Bonus squares for everyone! Here’s some images of all of those squares that were in the poll, plus the alternate character squares that weren’t voted on (note that some character, like Kaylee and Inara, have multiple versions):

We’ve also created a few banners. Due to the length of them, the “large” banners can be used along the top or bottom, while the “small” banners fit on the left and right sides.

Square #1, Serenity

Square #2, Jayne’s Hat

Square #3, River’s Axes

Square #4, Hands of Blue

Square #5, Browncoat Flag

Square #6, Kaylee’s Parasol

Square #7, Kaylee’s Party Dress

Square #8, Shiny

Square #9, Alliance Flag

Square #10, Wash’s Dinosaurs

Square #11, Leaf on the Wind

Square #12, Blue Sun Logo

Square #13, Vera


Bonus squares

Alternate character squares

You can now download the yarn color & yardage PDF chart! This chart lists yarn amounts required (if using a size G/4.00mm hook) for ALL the squares individually.

You can download the yarn color & yardage chart here.

To find out how much of each color you need, just add up the amounts for each square that you want to make! I’ve also decided to do this CAL with Stylecraft Special DK yarn. If you are using a different yarn, you may need to purchase more or less yarn, depending on the yarn you use.

Want to use Vanna’s Choice yarn instead, but don’t know how much yarn to use? Read on! 

One skein of Vanna’s Choice yarn is 170 yards, while one skein of Stylecraft Special DK yarn is 322 yards. To be safe, I’d recommend doubling the yardage for Vanna’s Choice. Example: if the chart says you need 1.5 skeins of a certain color in SS, buy 3 skeins in VC! You’ll probably have a little extra, but that’s never a bad thing, right?

Want to use Red Heart Super Saver yarn instead, but don’t know how much yarn to use? Then keep on reading! 

One skein of Stylecraft Special DK yarn is 322 yards, while one skein of Red Heart Super Saver is 364 yards. That’s pretty close, but not close enough. If the chart says to buy close to a full skein of a color, I’d recommend buying another one, just in case. Again, you’ll have extra, but that’s okay!

Here’s a sample of what the mine will look like:

Want to make your Firefly CAL blanket exactly like mine?

Same banners? Same squares? Same background colors? Same hook size? Same everything? I’ve already done the math! You’ll need the following number of skeins of Stylecraft Special DK yarn:


Disclaimer: This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, or other professional Firefly-related agencies.

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