The Harry Potter Grapghan

Ever since we first met the Boy Who Lived back in 1997, the story of Harry Potter has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. I grew up with Harry Potter–I waited for my owl!–and I know that so many of you did, too.

To express my love for the Harry Potter series, I hosted a Harry Potter crochet along right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog!

This CAL is made up of thirteen different squares worked in the mini C2C method featuring several beloved characters and/or objects from the series! 12 of the 13 squares consist of a 25×25 grid, while the last square consists of a 50×50 grid (this is the center square).

If you want to learn the C2C method or just want to brush up on your skills, I encourage you to sign up for my Graphghan Boot Camp course! This online course teaches you everything you need to know to make graphghans, and it includes a detailed tutorial on C2C and mini C2C.


Here are the links for all of the Official Two Hearts Crochet Harry Potter CAL squares (including alternates and bonus squares!):

Yarn Color & Yardage PDF Chart

Square #1: Hogwarts Crest (Detailed and Simple Versions)

Square #2: Platform 9 3/4

Square #3: The Golden Snitch

Square #4: The Dark Mark

Square #5: The Hogwarts Express

Square #6: Harry Potter (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #7: Dobby the House Elf – Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #8: The Sorting Hat

Square #9: Ron Weasley (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #10: The Deathly Hallows

Square 11: Hermione Granger (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #12: Hedwig

Square #13: Weasley Jumper

Alternate Square: Snape

Alternate Square: Always

Alternate Square: Dumbledore

Alternate Square: McGonagall

Alternate Square: Malfoy

Alternate Square: Lovegood

Alternate Square: Hagrid

Alternate Square: Fawkes

Alternate Square: Lightning Bolt

Alternate Square: Broomstick

Alternate Square: Time Turner

Alternate Square: Hogwarts Castle

Bonus Squares (Graphs Only): The Hogwarts Houses

Want to learn how to join your squares? Click here!

Want to learn how to back your blanket with fleece? Click here!

Disclaimer: This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by J.K. Rowling, Time Warner, or other professional Harry Potter-related agencies.

7 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Grapghan

  1. Mel says:

    Hi the links are not working anymore for the Harry Potter blanket 😭.. I started this blanket, bought all the yarn and now I’m stuck, could you please help thanks in advance


  2. Crystal says:

    Hi, I am also looking for your pattern. I have also tried the link on Ravelry which also doesn’t seem to be working. I would love to know where to purchase from, please!


    1. Linda says:

      Mary, I downloaded patterns for this blanket. I don’t have all of them on her list. Let me know which ones you want and I can email them to you.


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