So what’s a Make Along?

A make along (or MAL) is an event where a designer releases pieces of her pattern at scheduled intervals – every week, for example. These can be crochet along projects (CALs) or knit along projects (KALs).

At Mikkelborg Makes, my MALs are usually for blankets made up of squares that are stitched together at the end.

Ready to find out what MALs are on my to-do list for the next several months? Take a look at the list below!

Upcoming Make Alongs


*Updated 3/2/2023: Perhaps unsurprisingly, this project was delayed. But I’ll tell you this for free: it’s back!

Long story short, I’ve been feeling very uninspired over the last couple of years due to everything else going on in my life. The good news is that I’m finally feeling energized about a particular project idea, and I’ve decided to turn it into a crochet along project to celebrate the blog’s 8th birthday!

Visit the project page for more information, patterns/graphs, and the suggested materials list (coming really soon)!