Look, it’s Yarn Geekery! No, it’s Two Hearts Crochet! No, it’s Mikkelborg Makes!

Yes, she’s got a new name and a new look, but this little site is still kicking. After 7 years of delightful chaos and one identity crisis after another, I’m pleased to finally have attached my name to this quirky little bit of the web!

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here… Oh, sorry…Star Trek tangent! #iykyk

In 2015, I created this blog as an outlet to share my crochet pursuits. 2HeartsCrochet—later renamed Two Hearts Crochet—carved out a safe space for yarn geeks around the world to share their passions. In 2019, this page was rebranded as Yarn Geek Makes, which quickly shortened to Yarn Geekery. Check out some of the site’s old branding images in the gallery below!

In 2020, I became a first-time mom. From that point on, my mental, physical, and emotional health started to take a deep dive into some really murky waters. I won’t lie: I still find myself in the deep some days.

In 2021 and in early 2022, I tried unsuccessfully to make two separate comebacks to the online fiber art community with the Comeback CAL and the Mind + Matter Challenge. Both attempts were unsustainable, and my inability to fulfill the high expectations I had set for myself resulted in more…murkiness.

I’m still trying to identify who I am, friends—and, by extension, what this site is. The 2nd most important thing I’d like to say is that I know, deep down, way beyond the murk, that this work is my calling, and I’m not going anywhere.


The most important thing I want to say is THANK YOU to the incredible members of the Yarn Geekery community. The outpouring of love and support you have shared with me (especially over these last few years) have meant the world to me. I cannot thank you enough.

I also want to offer my apologies: this site is still under major construction, and some projects and/or files may be difficult to access for a while. I am starting the long and arduous process of migrating content from the last 7 years to a fresher, more accessible format. I am going to start with some of our most-loved projects and move on to others in the coming months. I hope to have at least 1 project migrated per week, so stay tuned!

Additionally, I’m starting a TikTok, so come follow along as I make my third (and cautiously optimistic) return to the web, now proudly known as Mikkelborg Makes!

Lastly, click here to read up on the soon-to-be Geek Collective!